Handshake of Power

The other day I met an elder lady at the Senior citizen home I visit. She had only met me, but was giving me her blessings. “God Bless you”, she said as her right hand grabbed my right hand while her left hand held my right elbow. Her hand shake was as firm as her strength in her religion. I was blown away but the power behind that shake alone. I felt oddly spiritual after that moment. I’m not religious, but I hope that someday I will have that much faith and strength in myself as much as she does in her religion. I then learnt that she had worked with Mother Theresa. I had no doubt about that. That woman might have put something great power in me that I will discover later. I only hope I can use it towards helping as many people as I can.

Human Nature

Being Peace

Don’t let someone’s negativity or remarks pull you in…you will feed the unhappiness bug that they have been continually feeding.

When you see someone down, don’t feel sad…see if you can help them.

If you are feeling low because nothing seems to happen for you…don’t give up and try something different.

Who you are is not how you act…How you act shows your integrity and strength.

When it seems everyone is bothering you…take a day to yourself (even if you go to work).

Human Nature

Drivers on the Road

One careless driver on the road…other people can avoid

Two careless drivers…run into each other

One jerk driver on the road…other people will rebuke

Two jerk drivers on the road…will compete, race, and possibly collide with each other

Cautious drivers on the road…will slow down to observe the accident

Drivers minding their own business and/or thinking of their own plans…will curse the slow traffic

Welcome to Southern California traffic (Note: may be true elsewhere, but I’ve only experience traffic in California)

Social Networking

Welcome to 2013

If you have friends, but no money…you are depressed about unemployment.

If you have a job, but no friends…you are depressed about not having friends.

If you have friends and you have a job, but you have social anxieties…you are depressed right before hanging out with friends.

If you have no friends because you have social anxieties…you are relieved to stay at home.

If you have no job because you have social anxieties…you are relieved you don’t have go out and spend money.