She Will Never Know

I overheard a person’s conversation with another person a few years ago. She was talking about her sister-in-law who was gallivanting from places in California to Hawaii. She had been sleeping with women. This is where the person telling the story stops to make a comment, “She will never know the love of a man”. Then she continued to say whatever else she was going to say about the story. I didn’t listen any longer because my mind was shocked.

If we use this person’s logic and put it up against other similar situations, we can see how silly her comment was. A white man loves a white girl. He will never know the love of an asian woman. Perhaps, a black man loves a hispanic woman. He will never know the love of a black woman. Do you see how silly the original comment is? There are so many people a person can love that saying one person (man or woman) is missing out because they don’t love a certain type a person (a man in the story’s case) is outrageous.

I don’t know how in 2013 people can still meddle in someone else affairs about who they love and what they will miss out on our mess up if they continue to love whom they love. No one will understand why two people love each other as much as the two people involved. Why waste the time and energy to keep two lovers apart when it’s no one else’s business. I think people are bored with their clean-cut lives and need to tear someone else’s lives.

I went on a slight tangent there. Some people make the silliest comments in their conversations with their friends. Most of these comments are about people they know, people they have talked to, people they see at family gatherings. To think that they say judgmental comments like that behind their back is beyond me. Usually when someone is being obnoxious I tell it to their face. If you or someone you know are making these kinds of comments, just quit it already. Move on and get on with your own life.


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