Love, Social Standards

Love Is In The Air

Sex education in fifth grade, seventh grade, and in high school never bothered me. A female teacher would lead the girls into a classroom to explain what goes on from their point of view while a male teacher would lead the guys into another classroom to do the same.

After one of these talks the girls would avert their eyes when they passed by the guys in the hallways and the guys would do the same. Not me. I was the exception to all their sex talk. They purposely forgot to include me.

By the seventh grade I had already been with other girls. It wasn’t anything magical until high school, but I was still having relations. I didn’t really need a sex talk because there were no condoms or diaphragms involved (even though some people say diaphragms could still help things be more safe).

I would have argued that my school should have included me, but once you find out a little more about my school you would see why they didn’t. I went to a private Christian school. I know Christians who accept same-sex relationships, but this school as a whole, did not.

I was getting my sex education from other girls from public schools. The funny thing about wanting to know something that your school doesn’t have the means to teach you, you can always learn it somewhere else. Honestly, I think sex education should include toys too. If school is meant to prepare us for adult life, I think the toys should be included.

Somewhere along the line, a person is going to want to know these things. If we are sheltered, then we might miss something that might have helped in the long run. I’ve heard of many stories of someone in a marriage “coming out” as being interested in same sex. What if they could have avoided all those years by having schools be “real” to their students.


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