Between the Lines, Movie Themes

Rise of the Guardians

The boogyman returns to the world of children and their dreams. He tells the other holiday and everyday guardians that once the children stop believing in them the guardians will disappear. Which is sad to think of anyone with an actual life disappearing, but in reality these guardians like the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Sandy-man don’t exist as living entities. They exist as symbols of commerce. The producers of this movie are telling you and your children that if you forget these Holiday “symbols” it will be bad because the profit they bring will disappear. The big companies don’t want that. It’s a shame that such a fun animation has so much to read in between the lines, but that’s how PG movies get through to children: through bright colors and characters who are popular symbols in at least American culture. They want you and your family to love their holiday guardians, so you will buy their products.

I do like how the things you can’t see like Jack Frost’s icicles and snowflakes on your nose bring people happiness even though they don’t see the power behind it or in this case Jack Frost’s power. Then Jack is surprised on how little the other guardians knew about actually playing with children. Because all he did was interact with them via sleighing and snow ball fights etc. And the other holiday guardians mere give and give to children without ever interacting with them. I think Parents can take away from this that they should focus on spending time with them and not only giving and giving toys or whatever it is they buy to keep the kids busy.


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