Between the Lines, Television

Being Human (U.K. Version)

I have enjoyed this show so far. <<Season one was great because you meet three supernatural characters “being human” while maintaining their individual hurdles. I also agree with others who have said that the werewolf and ghost are annoying, but how else would one act being supernatural as they are. Imagine how much worse they would be if the three characters did not find each other. I love seeing their personalities bounce off each other. <<Season two was great because the audience is shown more depth to the characters as they delve deeper into the human world while still trying to maintain their secrets. <<Season three was very intense with the war between vampires against other vampires and werewolves. While that description has been used to describe dozens of other supernatural stories, this one does not hold anything back. You may have to close your eyes during a few scenes. <<Season four was unenjoyable for me. Everything is different. Some characters have left the show. The ones who stayed aren’t the ones you really care about. I watched the first two episodes. I was done. It’s unfortunate because I really liked the concept and execution of this show.

All in all it’s great to watch a show that puts a twist to “being human”. We have to face hardships everyday. Even though this show about three supernatural people trying to be human, it can make us “normal” people thankful that we don’t have to add supernatural conflicts on top of what we already deal with. It’s nice to get lost in this show. Then go back to reality feeling ready to face whatever comes our way.


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