Ranting, Raving

The Revolving World

The world does not revolve around you or me. It revolves and we’re in it. While I can control how I react to stimuli it may be the only thing I can control. When it comes to planning, I don’t like to plan. Plans change. I like to play by ear, so when someone asks me what time? what time? It becomes a pain in the butt to plan things depending on the person.

Conflicts of schedule come up: I have to meet a client, my family is having a get together (and mom won’t change it. You’ve been there), etc.

When I say I’ll be somewhere, I’ll be there. I cannot decide three days in advance what time exactly. And trying to get a time out of me doesn’t help at all. It makes me not want to go at all. I have a theory that people want an exact time, so they can get others locked into the plan. Even if some conflict of schedule did occur, they are mad regardless because people have already locked themselves into this plan.

When either of my siblings are three hours late to dinner, it’s okay. My mom is just glad they are there. I get that. So why do I have to pick a time when I know they are going to get there when they are going to get there. Why can’t I just get there when I get there. Am I being treated differently because I don’t have a husband and kids? Well, I certainly didn’t choose that route. I still shouldn’t have to live by someone else’s choices. I understand why they are late. I just want to be able to do the same. My brother has work or is getting a ride from a friend. He has to wait until he gets off work or wait until his friend is ready to drive him. Other good reasons to be late. Whereas I had plans to go hiking. I have my own car. I don’t have anything keeping me from being late except my own plans. So why am I expected to give out all my plans three days in advanced that I don’t even know myself. I’m not going to make a commitment to a certain time. And if I’m late I just want the same forgiveness.

The world doesn’t revolve around you and I. We have to live life moment by moment. We should not have to be locked into a schedule forced upon us by someone else. If you want to make a living doing a 8am-5pm job to pay for that house, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t put all your stress on me because I chose a much simpler life.


Music on the Web

I’m a 1984 baby. I was born two years after music was layered onto compact discs in 1982 (1). Now it’s 2013 with various music websites that give it’s audience unique ways of listening to music. Last.fm was the first music station I signed up with. I liked this website because I could keep up with concert dates and when bands were going to be local. Then I signed up with Pandora to create playlists based on one artist I say I like. The other artists they chose has 50/50 of being one I like and one I don’t feel anything for…because music is something you feel because of the emotion you share or the emotion you see and feel in the lyrics and music. Even though, I don’t like all the songs they suggest based on one artist, I still feel triumphet when I hear one song I must have the mp3 to or buy the whole album it belongs to.

Recently, my brother told me about Spotify. It’s another music website, except that it plays any song whenever you want. This sounds fantastic. Except, I already have one more music website that I want. I just want one that does everything.

If there is a new website that can tell me when bands have their concerts, create playlists based on similar artists to my favorite artists, and play songs at anytime, I would sign up for that one and throw away the rest. I don’t really want to add a third music website.

In the scope of the whole internet, I already signed up for several social websites and media websites. I don’t want anymore than I need. As for now I am waiting to sign up for Spotfiy because I don’t want another account to log into and create an unique and specific password to. It is too much to remember. I have other things I need to concentrate on.

With that all in mind, I think Spotify sounds like the best of the three music websites, but I’d still like to know when my favorite bands will play locally.

(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_discs

The Law

Stamps & Post Office

I was on my way to do some tasks for my mother. Then some things I had to pick up for myself too too. I never thought I would come close to changing someone’s life as I was today. I was merely making a left turn when all cars in oncoming traffic was stopped at a red light. Then I hit a motorcyclist. His bike was under my car and he was on my hood.

I took a motorcycle class almost a year ago. I knew how dangerous it was to ride a motorcycle. I had lectures, tests, and videos. I saw everything I could see. At least, that is what I thought.

In California and in New Mexico, there is a understood rule that motorcycles can “share the lane” while cars are moving or “filter” while all traffic is stopped. I was in traffic that was at a complete halt. As I was making my left turn, the motorcyclist rode towards me, and that was the end of it.

I could have killed someone today. It breaks my heart. When I saw the guy standing on two feet and help guiding my car away from traffic, I let go of the breath I was holding. We exchanged insurance information. He checked my car. I checked his bike. We let the insurance companies figure out the damages.

Everything is settled at the moment. The only thing I don’t understand about the law of California is that motorcyclists can ride between lane one and two in order to relieve traffic and avoid their bike from being hit by a car from behind. It still doesn’t help the fact that I cannot see him when I am already making my left turn. He is allowed to ride ten miles per hour faster than the current traffic no matter what I am doing because I am supposed to yield to all oncoming traffic.

I agree that I am supposed to yield to all oncoming traffic, but how am I supposed to do that if I can’t see them. The guy was in my blind spot. The DMV handbook of 2010 states that it isn’t safe for motorcyclists to “share the road” or “filter” in traffic, but that it is also legal to do so. How do I contend with that? It also says that if you are in this sort of accident that you will have a difficult time fighting it.

That is why when I hear that the motorcyclist dropped the claim, my heart was relieved. My policy would not go up. I made several checks on the road to make sure everything was clear and still I failed. I thank that motorcyclist for his compassion. I am glad his bike went away without a scratch. My lesson in this is the costs I have to make repairing the front end of my vehicle.

My confidence in my driving has sunk to an all-time low. Even though, I did the necessary checks, I was not ready for what happened. I have learned a great deal from this. One of such that you don’t want to run into a motorcycle in California (or in New Mexico) because the law is on their side.

Now I have hundreds of people who have seen this incident happen. They think I am a horrible driver or that “it just happened”. I can only focus on those people who think I am a horrible driver. The ones who have only seen this once incident out of the 11 years I have been driving. They won’t know how sorry I was. They won’t know all the things I was dealing with at the time. All they will know is what they saw me do. That can lead to so many negative things. I have to take the time I have now to learn not to think of them and just focus on being better.