Music on the Web

I’m a 1984 baby. I was born two years after music was layered onto compact discs in 1982 (1). Now it’s 2013 with various music websites that give it’s audience unique ways of listening to music. was the first music station I signed up with. I liked this website because I could keep up with concert dates and when bands were going to be local. Then I signed up with Pandora to create playlists based on one artist I say I like. The other artists they chose has 50/50 of being one I like and one I don’t feel anything for…because music is something you feel because of the emotion you share or the emotion you see and feel in the lyrics and music. Even though, I don’t like all the songs they suggest based on one artist, I still feel triumphet when I hear one song I must have the mp3 to or buy the whole album it belongs to.

Recently, my brother told me about Spotify. It’s another music website, except that it plays any song whenever you want. This sounds fantastic. Except, I already have one more music website that I want. I just want one that does everything.

If there is a new website that can tell me when bands have their concerts, create playlists based on similar artists to my favorite artists, and play songs at anytime, I would sign up for that one and throw away the rest. I don’t really want to add a third music website.

In the scope of the whole internet, I already signed up for several social websites and media websites. I don’t want anymore than I need. As for now I am waiting to sign up for Spotfiy because I don’t want another account to log into and create an unique and specific password to. It is too much to remember. I have other things I need to concentrate on.

With that all in mind, I think Spotify sounds like the best of the three music websites, but I’d still like to know when my favorite bands will play locally.



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