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You’re Different. I’m Different.

Inspired by my previous blog post “Your Rush. My Rush“, I am continuing the idea that people judge other people’s preference, personality, and importance based on things that don’t matter. What I mean is that one person may say another person’s god is wrong because it’s different than their own. Why can’t we live in a world where we accept that other people view things differently? It doesn’t make them wrong. Religion is a huge hot mess of conflict. Even people who believe in the church branch out from their original church to establish one based on what they believe. Different is not wrong. It’s just different.

Why should your difference override my difference? The USA was founded upon people who wanted a new life and an escape from religious persecution. And you know what ended up happening? In Jamestown, when it was established, people were fined $20 for missing church. That was a lot of money back then. As a country, we have become the judge of what’s right or wrong on things that has nothing to do with the church or state. And I think having a law based on one person/religion/political party’s idea isn’t fair to other people with different ideas.

I’m talking about love. It’s no one’s business who loves who. It’s more important to focus on the people who are hurting other people, not loving another person no matter what their ethnic background, skin color, or spiritual beliefs are. Just because someone else’s love looks different than yours, doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to love like them either.

Why do some religious and political people reject same-sex marriage? There are many theories: It goes against their special interest groups. It goes against their religion via the Bible, Quran, etc. The psychological theory is that deep down inside, they aren’t sure of themselves whether they are gay or straight. It’s always easier to follow a book or rules. Seeing someone else fully embrace themselves for who they are makes the people trapped in society’s webs jealous. If we could all get past comparing ourselves to each other we can stop competing for the right way and start competing for human equality.

Human Nature, Social Standards

Your rush. My rush.

Last Thursday Geek & Sundry hosted a live Hangout with several vloggers (video bloggers) from the recently launched vlog site. During the Hangout several cute things, obnoxious things, and strange things were said. In the midst all the geek talk, Katie Satow said some words I took immediately to heart. She was talking about how ignorant some people can be in her little desert of a town somewhere in Canada. She said, “How do you know if your rush is more important than my rush?” Which is a completely valid question. One that we should each ask ourselves.

Let’s talk about the rush. The rush of everyone going where they are going. There isn’t enough time in the world to do everything. So why do some people drive fast in their cars? Why are the drivers of those cars completely oblivious to other cars. Are they late? Are they impatient? Are they apathetic to the other cars around them? I don’t know.

All I know is that I don’t like to rush. Even if I’m late, I just like to arrive when I arrive. When cars are behind me driving close to the back of my car, I begin to stress. I don’t know why they don’t just pass me on the right. Someone once told me that there are drivers who like to annoy other drivers like that. Somehow it proves that they are better than you. And that’s what all this is about. Their rush is more important that yours.

The way the question was put into words struck the right cord with me. I never thought about other people getting in my way because they thought the world revolved around them. See my previous blog “The Revolving World“. I thought they were merely impatient or speed freaks. This layer of ignorance has opened up a new perspective for me. Next time I see someone who gets in my way be it on the road or crossing paths, I will chalk it up to their ignorance towards other people. It won’t make it less annoying, but it’ll help me accept it more quickly and move on. So thank you Katie Satow for your words of wisdom. You can follow her on Twitter under her name @BeautyArmory and you can find the other vloggers on Twitter @GeekandSundry and their videos on YouTube with the same name.