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Happy New Year 2015

We’re already almost halfway through the first month of the year. These twelve days have been so fulfilling. You won’t believe the reasons why. Firstly, I signed up for a wilderness course in my county. I’ve wanted to sign up for this course for several years. I finally collected the money to do so. Included with the class is a trail hiking book and compass. The 40+ staff all volunteer to teach students how to be prepared and trek in the wilderness safely. To know that I will be wilderness capable by mid March is wonderful. Secondly, my dad bought a new car, so he told me his 2012 van (valued at about $30K) was mine. I said okay, but I am going to give it to someone who needs it. For I already have a car that I love. I’ve taken care of it and it’s taken care of me. So the person the van went to was a 16 year old girl who has no use of her arms and legs, goes to regular public school facing so much bullying. With the van her uncle and parents (anyone available) can drive her wherever she needs/wants to go. To be apart of helping out someone like that is worth more than owning that van. For a long time I’ve known money isn’t everything. It sure helps pays the bills, but what after that. Does it make you happy if you’re an already unhappy person? I don’t think so from my experience. It’s another sad, but true fact of life. It’s never too late to change how you look at the world. Since it’s the beginning of the new year, many people are making resolutions that they may or may not keep. If there is any resolution worth keeping it’s to help someone out, even if it means just moving some boxes, saying hello to a neighbor who you know has been in the downs, anything that will brighten someone’s day. In the long run you will feel better too.

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Pride Weekends

In honor of San Diego Pride Weekend, I’d like to post a quick summary of all the prides I’ve been to:

San Diego Pride (2006-2013)

Long Beach Pride (2 times)

Los Angeles Pride (1 time)

San Francisco Pride (2013)

Out of all the pride weekend events, I enjoyed San Francisco Pride the best. I took the train up the west coast to arrive in time for Friday night Pride kick-off. This was a kick-off unlike any I have ever experienced. Not only was I in an unfamiliar city, but I was still very new at using public transportation. When I didn’t want to walk eight blocks, I took the bart.

As I slowly crept up the stairs from the underground station to the street level, I saw the backs of dozens of people lined up around the street. They were watching what was literally a six-hour parade. There were so many floats and people walking alongside them. After some searching, I finally found a spot to stand with only three heads in front of me. Each hour each person left along with their friend/group. At about 3pm I had a front row standing position to the parade. I saw my brother march with his friend’s float in time. Everything was great.

Then I made my way towards City Hall. There isn’t any way I can describe the noise and the sights in order to prepare you for what you what experience. There were literally four or five dance floors. All of which had bass turned up all the way and then some. Every kind of person from different backgrounds and fashion styles were all dancing like their feet were indestructible and their energy unlimited.

On Saturday, every lgbt person and their friends gravitated toward Dolores Park. There is a paved road on a steep hill that you have to climb if you want to get to the good parts of the grassy park. To the left is a playground for kids. Then two rows of rolling hills where people set-up their blankets and alcohol (allowed for Pride Weekend) begins. At 10am there were a few people here and there (we were one of them). Then slowly, but surely the park was flooded with people. I have never seen that many lgbt people and friends concentrated in one area. It was great.

The thing about Long Beach Pride was that the first time I stayed over at my friend’s two-story house. We played drinking games all night. The next day’s Parade and Festival were fun, but did not go above and beyond any other city’s festivities. The second time, my friends and I rented a boat off the pier. We drank and played games again. On Saturday night, we went to a club with $10, which is pretty cheap considering it was Pride Weekend. This was also fun, but nothing too different other than where we stayed the night all weekend.

Los Angeles Pride was unique in that, I went to the Dyke March for the first time. I didn’t even know such a march even existed. It’s simply a bunch of women who identify as such marching together in solidarity. Sort of like, “Here we are. We are here together.” It was interesting.

All in all, I had a fun time each pride weekend. All the pride festivals charge $20 for regular admission with discounts for military, except San Francisco Pride. SF Pride was completely free to enjoy. They have it in their budget to hire workers to set-up stages and musicians to perform on them.

I look forward to experiencing Pride weekend at different cities. If you have never been to a Pride weekend event, you should check it out. It doesn’t matter what your background or preference is. It’s fun for all. It definitely tests your comfort zone if you have a small/select group of people you hang out with all year round. I highly recommend it.

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You’re Different. I’m Different.

Inspired by my previous blog post “Your Rush. My Rush“, I am continuing the idea that people judge other people’s preference, personality, and importance based on things that don’t matter. What I mean is that one person may say another person’s god is wrong because it’s different than their own. Why can’t we live in a world where we accept that other people view things differently? It doesn’t make them wrong. Religion is a huge hot mess of conflict. Even people who believe in the church branch out from their original church to establish one based on what they believe. Different is not wrong. It’s just different.

Why should your difference override my difference? The USA was founded upon people who wanted a new life and an escape from religious persecution. And you know what ended up happening? In Jamestown, when it was established, people were fined $20 for missing church. That was a lot of money back then. As a country, we have become the judge of what’s right or wrong on things that has nothing to do with the church or state. And I think having a law based on one person/religion/political party’s idea isn’t fair to other people with different ideas.

I’m talking about love. It’s no one’s business who loves who. It’s more important to focus on the people who are hurting other people, not loving another person no matter what their ethnic background, skin color, or spiritual beliefs are. Just because someone else’s love looks different than yours, doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to love like them either.

Why do some religious and political people reject same-sex marriage? There are many theories: It goes against their special interest groups. It goes against their religion via the Bible, Quran, etc. The psychological theory is that deep down inside, they aren’t sure of themselves whether they are gay or straight. It’s always easier to follow a book or rules. Seeing someone else fully embrace themselves for who they are makes the people trapped in society’s webs jealous. If we could all get past comparing ourselves to each other we can stop competing for the right way and start competing for human equality.

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Love Is In The Air

Sex education in fifth grade, seventh grade, and in high school never bothered me. A female teacher would lead the girls into a classroom to explain what goes on from their point of view while a male teacher would lead the guys into another classroom to do the same.

After one of these talks the girls would avert their eyes when they passed by the guys in the hallways and the guys would do the same. Not me. I was the exception to all their sex talk. They purposely forgot to include me.

By the seventh grade I had already been with other girls. It wasn’t anything magical until high school, but I was still having relations. I didn’t really need a sex talk because there were no condoms or diaphragms involved (even though some people say diaphragms could still help things be more safe).

I would have argued that my school should have included me, but once you find out a little more about my school you would see why they didn’t. I went to a private Christian school. I know Christians who accept same-sex relationships, but this school as a whole, did not.

I was getting my sex education from other girls from public schools. The funny thing about wanting to know something that your school doesn’t have the means to teach you, you can always learn it somewhere else. Honestly, I think sex education should include toys too. If school is meant to prepare us for adult life, I think the toys should be included.

Somewhere along the line, a person is going to want to know these things. If we are sheltered, then we might miss something that might have helped in the long run. I’ve heard of many stories of someone in a marriage “coming out” as being interested in same sex. What if they could have avoided all those years by having schools be “real” to their students.


She Will Never Know

I overheard a person’s conversation with another person a few years ago. She was talking about her sister-in-law who was gallivanting from places in California to Hawaii. She had been sleeping with women. This is where the person telling the story stops to make a comment, “She will never know the love of a man”. Then she continued to say whatever else she was going to say about the story. I didn’t listen any longer because my mind was shocked.

If we use this person’s logic and put it up against other similar situations, we can see how silly her comment was. A white man loves a white girl. He will never know the love of an asian woman. Perhaps, a black man loves a hispanic woman. He will never know the love of a black woman. Do you see how silly the original comment is? There are so many people a person can love that saying one person (man or woman) is missing out because they don’t love a certain type a person (a man in the story’s case) is outrageous.

I don’t know how in 2013 people can still meddle in someone else affairs about who they love and what they will miss out on our mess up if they continue to love whom they love. No one will understand why two people love each other as much as the two people involved. Why waste the time and energy to keep two lovers apart when it’s no one else’s business. I think people are bored with their clean-cut lives and need to tear someone else’s lives.

I went on a slight tangent there. Some people make the silliest comments in their conversations with their friends. Most of these comments are about people they know, people they have talked to, people they see at family gatherings. To think that they say judgmental comments like that behind their back is beyond me. Usually when someone is being obnoxious I tell it to their face. If you or someone you know are making these kinds of comments, just quit it already. Move on and get on with your own life.